Elisabeth made my dream-dress

Thank you for the raving review! We are moved by your sweet words and amazed about the beautiful pictures. Thank you!❤️

I had my wedding dress designed and made by Er Couture - and I absolutely loved everything about it. The designer Elisabeth and I never meet during the proces, but still it fitt me perfectly and Elisabeth was so professional (AND NICE) to work with. I sad i Denmark describing from pictures and emails what I liked and then Elisabeth made my dream-dress.
I can only recommend you to get your dress (any-dress) made by this professional, clever and very nice designer!!!!

Designer Elisabeth Rolskov reflects on the vietnamese fashion industry

Ho Chi Minh City has changed rapidly during the last 10 years I have been a resident. The fashion industry is booming and we see more and more international brands making their entrance in Vietnam. The competition is indeed getting harder yet ER Couture is still around as we have something unique to offer.

1. COMFORT & SUSTAINABILITY If you are living in a tropical climate or just care about what kind of materials you wear you will notice the difference when you wear natural materials that let your skin breathe. ER Couture creates women's fashion in natural material to ensure comfort and sustainability.
I vouch for Coco Chanel's quote "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury."

2. FIT AND SILHOUETTE We do custom-made for the same price as our ready-made products because the last thing I want is one of my designs not leaving your wardrobe. Garments are magical as they can change your overall look in minutes and easily help disguise figure-flaws. I have always wanted a magic wand so I could get dressed just like Cinderella, but a simple pencil will work as long as you know about proportions, materials and how these can be used to improve the silhouette. When I design a new piece I therefore focus on women, our needs and our typical body-consciousness. Most women want to be taller, thinner and look sophisticated without feeling restricted. I listen and strive to balance your needs.

3. ETHICAL STANDARDS and working conditions. In a world of outsourcing and corner-cutting we choose to do the exact opposite. Only by choosing to control the entire design and production process, is it possible to deliver a true world-class product. And by choosing to control the entire process we also ensure a sense of integrity and decency in how we operate as a company. We can ensure people are treated fairly and with respect.

Machines can’t do everything – neither can hands, yet together they can produce magic.

I am back to work and excited about the new season designing for our loyal customers all over the world - Thank you! 


New arrivals

Our sale is coming to an end and we are excited about our new arrivals. 

Here is one of our favorite pieces, Gwyneth top, a timeless piece crafted from our natural, cotton jersey. Its one of those designs that drapes at just the right place and hides any figure flaws. The asymmetric cowl neckline is a take on a flattering classic with our signature braid on one side. Pair it with a pencil skirt  for business meetings or a pair of shorts to make a chic impression.


ER Couture's Summer Sale starts today with up to 80% Discount - hurry, only a few pieces of each style. To see more and stay updated please follow us on facebook

ER Couture Copenhagen - a slow fashion company

  • ER Couture stays as fresh as its fabrics – we introduce new styles continuously throughout the year, rather than producing seasonal collections, so you’ll always find something new no matter how often you visit us.⠀
    ✨Charlotte Jumpsuit has just arrived.⠀

  • ER Couture - Jordan Jumpsuit

ER Couture 8th Anniversary

Come and see us for our 8th Anniversary on Thursday 20th April and explore our new collection. Women's fashion in natural materials with details that you can only find at ER Couture. 

ER Couture sẽ tổ chức sinh nhật lần thứ 8 vào ngày 20/4/2017. Vì vậy hy vọng cáo bạn có thể đến shop để xem bộ sưu tập mới nhất của chúng tôi. Với chất liệu tự nhiên và phong cache hợp thời trang, ER Couture sẽ là sự lựa chọn hoàn hảo nhất dành cho bạn. ER Couture kính mời!

Signe handbag and Odel Shirt dress. New arrivals at ER Couture.

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☎️+84 08 37442411 +84 167 9586907

ER Couture is turning 8 the 20th April 2017

To celebrate our 8th anniversary we have prepared a special promotion with up to 40% off on the 20st of April 2017. Elisabeth cordially invites you to join us for refreshments 10-12 noon and 5-7 pm.

🛍upstairs An Phu Supermarket, 36 Thao Điên, D2, HCMC.
www.er-couture.com +84 08 37442411 +84 167 9586907